Flowers in a box

Do you want to make an unforgettable original gift for some holiday, memorable date, specific occasion or even just for nothing? The normal or bright bouquet is not a surprise for anyone now.

When you need to make a very strong impression, the best option is to buy flowers in box. In Kharkov, as well as in Ukraine, it is quite a new trend, which collects more and more fans every year. In European countries, such gifts are very popular and demanded for a very long time.

In Ukraine, the bouquets of natural flowers in the box are sold hardly in common stores and stalls, because they are made mostly on order in 1-3 days and usually in a single author’s copy.


Why is it better to present flowers in box?

Unlike torn off plants, a bouquet of flowers in the box is able to be maintained in its original form for about 2 weeks! A little secret lies in the fact that a special floral sponge, which imitates the grass and the soil is placed on the bottom of the box. It can be watered from time to time for preserving the freshness of the composition.

If you present the original flowers in the box at a party, at a housewarming party, in the office, on the street, in the subway, or on a picnic, it is still much easier to take the box than to carry a bulky bouquet through the city and then look for a vase and water for it.

On the bottom, you can put a card, invitation, love letter, small present (like stuffed toy) or sweets.

After some time, when the plants will wither, a nice package can be used for gifts, cosmetics, jewelry and bijouterie. It will be a useful accessory and unusual interior decoration.


How much does the flowers in box cost?

Such bouquets are always unique and desirable. Everyone like them. The price of flowers in the box (photo) depends on:

  • the number of roses and other plants, their grades;

  • the complexity of floristic composition design;

  • the usage of various additional accessories (leaves, glitter, rhinestones, wire, tape, etc.);

  • the shape of boxes (they are different - square, rectangular, in the form of box or trunk, but the most popular are the beautiful flowers in the round box (photo) like out of the ladies’ hat).

Order flowers in box in Kharkov in Roses online store by site or by specified phones and we will do our best to express and embody your ideas, fantasies and feelings in the right time for you. We provide high quality service and we do it with love to each client!